Werewolf of London (arthurmcarthur) wrote in thebuffalo10,
Werewolf of London

You might find it interesting.

I already posted this to my LiveJournal, but I think that it is relevant enough to be posted here, as well. We all should read this book:

Today I started reading Jerzy Grotowski's "Towards a Poor Theatre". My opinions are already beginning to change. I can see how Doc B considered it her "Bible" while she was in college. This man is a genius. I agree: Acting training is not the accumulation of different methods and techniques. Acting training is the breaking away of those things that block us from achieving truth in simultaneous impulse and action. "Ours then is a via negativa - not a collection of skills but an eradication of blocks." I wonder why I had never thought of it this way before. However, I still believe that it is completely necessary to have a knowledge and practical understanding of established acting technique and methodology. Grotowski does not deny the truth of Stanislavsky's philosophy. Rich Theatre, Poor Theatre? Everything versus nothing. Minimum equals maximum. Wyspianski's Akropolis: The audience becomes part of the action of the play, which takes place in Auschwitz. Creating theatre as a completely immersing experience for the audience. An actor must make a gift of himself. Eliminate the stage, and it is even more unique from film and television. I think it's time we accepted the truth that in theatre, growth stems from poverty.
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