Cognac Biscuit (billy_bangs) wrote in thebuffalo10,
Cognac Biscuit

gonka wonka

the idea for the movie "Johnny Jitsu" has been shelved on account of it being too much like Kill Bill.
-Johnny Jitsu in the latter part of the film was supposed to wear the Yellow jumpsuit with the black stripe like Bruce Lee wore in "Game of Death". Uma thurman wears this for the majority of kill bill.
-The role of Bill in Kill Bill is played by Kung Fu's David Carradine. the villain from Johnny Jitsu was to be played by an ex navy guy i know who is a black belt in Shotokan. hes an older guy and is kind of like him [carradine].
-The movie was to be shot in the style used for most hong kong action movies, but was supposed to take place in japan AND the United states.

the weirdest of all of these was that they used the song "nobody but me" for the huge fight scene, which was one of the ideas that inspired me to start writing the screenplay.
this changes nothing, because you all thought i was joking about that movie anyway. i'm going to rewrite it to make it more like a Steve Mcqueen movie than a martial arts one.
now, please die. now that ive declared that im serious about making an action student film, is anyone interested in being a part of it? (Amelia is supposed to play a sex-bot...)
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can i be the local that is running from godzilla?